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Welcome to the website for Hill Wheeler Preparatory School, Mtwapa, Kenya.

In 2007 Brian and Jan Drew (Secretary and Treasurer) discovered a tiny school in Kenya. Within it, teachers were struggling to provide the only means by which the children attending could ever hope to escape the poverty trap into which they had been born - that of a good education!


When we returned we were determined to try to help and over the next three years we raised money to begin developing the school (see the 'Story so far' page).

After a long process we finally achieved our dream of becoming a Registered Charity and thus improving our hopes of raising the money to improve the lives of needy youngsters, with the help of our trustees: Richard Aust OBE., Mrs Gillian Clerici and Mrs Vera Partridge.

During our efforts we have received a great deal of encouragement and support from so many people to whom we will always be indebted!

Our 'Man in Kenya' is Jared Obillo and he is the Charity's Technical Advisor. His role is invaluable to us in overseeing the obtaining of realistic estimates, the execution of the projects and the provision of an excellent audit chain. This ensures that EVERY PENNY DONATED IS ACCOUNTED FOR AND IS SPENT ON THE PROJECT FOR WHICH IT WAS DONATED! To achieve this he not only sends the estimates, but copies of the school bank account showing the money going INTO their account, photographs of the project as it is completed plus invoices for every expenditure involved!

Having been with us when we discovered the school he is totally committed to improving the lives and hopes of the children within it and as a committed Christian, is very aware of their needs and vulnerability.

We hope you will enjoy looking through our website and feel able to help us in our efforts to help these children go on to live useful lives.

Due to the current advice against travel to Kenya by our own and the governments of other major countries, hotels have closed, meaning no work for our parents. The effect of this is that they cannot afford to pay the small school fees of £125 a year and kids cannot go to school / teachers be paid.
If you can help by clicking on the link below, ... No matter how small, your gift will help us to help them!




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